The Glocalis Advantage

The Glocalis Advantage

We don’t just say about quality, we deliver and are all and only about quality.

In ensuring quality, Glocalis has in place a rigorous quality assurance process that is in par with several international standards governance bodies, inclusive of ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Every single project – no matter how small or voluminous – goes through our stringent quality checks to ensure all areas of potential errors are spotted and corrected before reaching the doorsteps (or in this modern age that we live in, email inboxes) of our clients, so that they need not worry about anything at all.

Backed with the latest translation technology tools in the market, this also serves as a backbone to consistent quality work deliveries across as outputs, especially so for clients with documentation of repetitive content nature.

Aside our project management team with their expertise in initiating, planning, executing and monitoring & controlling, our three-tier translator-proofreader-quality control assurance check maximises on quality, while ensuring the limitations of errors. Here’s how it goes: a translator with the relevant knowledge in the related industry field will be allocated with the initial writing assignment; a proofreader will check on the translated work against the source and based on his/ her knowledge of the subject and target native market; and a quality assurance team personnel will run a thorough review on accuracy and completeness before the first deliveries to our clients. All feedback gathered post-deliveries will be shared with the respective stakeholders, updated accordingly and followed closely in the subsequent project handlings.

It’s an oscillating cycle, and quality runs deep within us at Glocalis.