Our Director, Shiyuan

Glocalis’s Director, Xu Shiyuan

Shiyuan’s career path is one to hear about and learn from.
Backed with years of expertise and application knowledge in software engineering in the field of localisation, Shiyuan started out as a software engineer for one of the biggest localisation companies in the world. He stayed in the company for 12 years, learning all that he can obtain on, before the company closed its operations in the local market and shifted operations elsewhere in the region.
Shiyuan is well known to single-handedly accomplish the works of five engineers, with expanding learning capacities and bandwidth in other aspects of business along the way – from marketing to sales to finance. So one can very casually say that he is an all-rounder, but we all know that to get there is not an easy feat. His curious mind aids him in mastering new challenges and skill sets quickly, and his approachable and tolerable mannerism makes him a great teacher to learn matters from.
When he’s not busy pushing the boundaries of localisation technology, he can be found at home chalking up extensive parenting experience. Got a question burning to ask him? An e-mail is just a send away – shiyuan.xu@glocalis.com.